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Emerging Class

Emerging Class

The Emerging Class represents over half the population of potentially profitably served customers in the country.

Emerging Class 2

Who are they?

They are the workforce of your commercial customers in a host of industries; they are guest workers; they are diverse residents of the inner city; they are young adult “first account adopters;” they are the Facebook generation; they are the sons and daughters of your most profitable customers.


They are the population referred to recently in a cautionary quote from Mary Monahan, Executive Vice President/Research Director/Mobile of Javelin:

“The key challenge for smaller FIs is attracting the right demographics.  The typical mobile banking customer is young (18-44), ethnic (Asian, Latino, or African American) and high income (75k+).  Customers at regional and community banks and credit unions are significantly older, less wealthy, Caucasian, and less tech-savvy.  FIs must broaden their services, appeal to a wider range of demographics, and attract new clients, if they want to succeed.”