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Savvy marketers know that marketing doesn’t begin or end with a logo, a tagline and slick collateral.

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The best marketing plans begin with strategic insights.

TransCard Insights is a comprehensive program of data, insights, valuation and execution that provides Financial Institutions with a customized market overview and a prepaid economic forecast at the branch level, including an analysis of prospective commercial customers, as well as a review of un/underbanked households by submarket, eg. Ethnic Groups, Inner City, Young Adult.

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TransCard Cardgistics will dramatically accelerate the speed-to-market of your prepaid program, utilizing a proprietary, database-driven web platform to automate all aspects of program creation: program schedule; card design; margin/card and projected margin/month per program.

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This same easy-to-use platform also features a self-service marketing CMS that enables you to create customized marketing materials on the fly, saving both the time and expense of developing these materials with internal or external resources. Access your own branded posters, brochures, tent-cards, teller mats, direct-mail and online campaigns directly from your desktop.

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