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Introducing Prepaid RPM:

A unique opportunity for a select group of “Master ISO’s”

Prepaid RPM  Prepaid RPM    

TransCard is creating a radically new prepaid paradigm for Program Managers and Financial Institutions, Prepaid RPM (Rapid Program Management).

Under this program, a participating program manager will be introduced to one or more of our Financial Institution affiliates throughout the country to act as a “Master ISO,” who will work closely with the institution to develop a prepaid strategy.

The “Master ISO” will provide the bank with guidance on identifying programs, economic structure and risky behavior and will ensure the institution has a thorough understanding of the programs.

Our Financial Institution affiliates are responding enthusiastically to this new prepaid model, which is more convenient, less risky and frees up their internal resources, while providing the same economic benefits of direct sponsorship.

For information on joining the select group of RPM “Master ISO’s”, contact TransCard affiliate sales today at 423.553.5200 or email sales@transcard.com.

RPM Program Examples:

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