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Leadership Team

"The passion of a leader ignites the flame of passion in others."

Greg Bloh


As President, Greg is aligning TransCard to become even more client focused, providing relationship management through the entire customer lifecycle.

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Mark Patterson

Chief Financial Officer

With over 25 years of financial management and leadership experience, Mark brings extensive knowledge of capital markets, analysis, reporting and operational knowledge to TransCard.

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Chris Fuller


Chris provides leadership and innovation in account development, management and expansion, consistently broadening customer base and channels of product distribution.

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Cathy Corby Parker

Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer, Cathy is responsible for developing and managing TransCard’s expansion into new markets including the healthcare, insurance and retail mall segments.

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David Samples

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, David is excited about using cloud computing and high availability system design to create a new platform for our clients to bring products to market.

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Kevin Martin

CLO & EVP of Compliance

Kevin guides TransCard through fundamental shifts in the law, quickly enabling us to modify existing products and create new products in today's complex, rapidly evolving legal and regulatory environment.

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Justin Norblade

Senior Vice President, Customer Development

Justin’s sole focus is our Financial Institution account relationships. He and his team are responsible for educating FI personnel, as well as assisting in the implementing and ramping of successful programs.

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