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TransCard utilizes proprietary custom-written software to provide a flexible parallel processing platform that Financial Institutions can monetize through their own programs.   

Our subscription based service oriented architecture enables our partners to choose the services they want.  

We have earned their trust over the years by creating a High Availability, scalable architecture, careful to eliminate any single point of failure.  

We operate on a 3 year software life cycle, to make sure that we are always creating the most effective platform.  Every line of code in TransCard's system has been written or re-written in the last 3 years.  While some say, "if it isn't broken don't fix it", we say "we can always be more efficient."   

Our team spends time and money every year staying up to date on the latest security and processing technologies, so we can continue to lead the pack and offer innovations such as custom API and reporting services.  

Technology development at TransCard is a story that never ends where the future is always in reach.