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Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Successfully Launches Premier Gift Card Program

January 03, 2013

Gulf Coast Bank and Premier Gift Card

A Very Happy New Year!

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company, www.gulfbank.com, a Louisiana-based community bank has reported a very successful launch of TransCard's latest gift card program, the MasterCard Premier Gift Card. With almost 1,200 gift cards sold since November, they've discovered a great new product to offer in their branches. Ashley Maiorana comments on the program below.

"When we were presented the opportunity to market the new Premier Gift Cards from TransCard, we could barely wait for the shipment to arrive.  To get the sales rolling, we offered an employee contest based on the number of sales per employee, we started a Facebook campaign and gave away a $500 Gift Card just before Christmas and we partnered with a local radio station to promote the gift card on the air and online.  The sales just rolled in and our employees were so excited to see how happy their customers were to purchase a gift card from them.  We look forward to future holiday campaigns and can’t wait to see what TransCard comes up with next."

Ashley Maiorana
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company
Ashley Maiorana@gulfbank.com

Premier Gift Card display and packets 

Counter display with colorful card packets

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