B2B Payments

Business-to-Business Payments

TransCard is a SaaS funds disbursement and payment platform provider focused on helping companies scale their outbound B2B payments.

We specialize in providing payment platforms that reduce the cost and effort companies spend to disburse funds to partners, vendors, and customers. Our Paynuver platform combines traditional B2B payment methods with emerging technology that can be tailored to your business’s individual needs.

Decrease Costs by Displacing Expensive Payment Methods

Over half of B2B payments are still made by check - the most expensive payment method for businesses. TransCard helps companies reduce costs by offering more cost-effective payment methods including:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposits

  • Reloadable payment cards

  • Instant payments

  • Virtual payment accounts

TransCard will always support traditional payments like checks, so you can help payees choose more affordable payment methods without causing disrupting those who prefer checks.

Get More Payment Methods in One Platform

TransCard’s Paynuver funds disbursement platform provides the most advanced disbursement methods for B2B payments.

Business-to-business payment methods.

TransCard’s B2B payments platform includes the ability to disburse funds by:

  • Check

  • Same-day and regular ACH

  • Payroll cards

  • Purchase cards

  • Gift cards

  • Incentive cards

  • Instant payments

  • Virtual wallet or payment accounts

Improve the Payment Experience

Build better relationships with your partners, vendors, and customers by letting them choose how they want to receive their funds. We provide a self-service B2B payments portal where payees can input their information and select the payment method that works best for their organization.

Streamline and Automate B2B Payment Processes

Our Paynuver platform offers hundreds of features designed to automate manual tasks and make B2B payments faster and easier. We’ll tailor your platform’s features to your business’s needs.

Paynuver features

Paynuver is evaluated by the FFIEC to ensure its tools are compliant with the latest regulations, helping you automate your compliance burdens.