Integrated Payables &
Receivables Solutions

Piecing together fragmented payments in Healthcare


The fragmented payments processes create additional costs, operational and technical challenges for healthcare providers.
  • Group 1032
    Late and partial payments
  • Group 1032
    Erroneous transactions
  • Group 1032
    Locked-up cash
  • Group 1032
    Siloed payments processes
  • Group 1032
    Complex payment and remittance matching
  • Group 1032
    Unauthorized customer deductions
  • Group 1032
    Complex ERP integration
  • Group 1032
    Growing fraud and compliance risks
  • Group 1032
    Inflexible patient experience
Our Solution
Transcard’s digital solution helps your healthcare organization balance the evolving needs of the entire healthcare payment value chain.
Integrated Payables
  • Group 1031
    Single File Payment Initiation
  • Group 1031
    Simplified Vendor Outreach
  • Group 1031
    Seamless Integration with existing ERP Systems
Integrated Receivables
  • Group 1031
    Automated patient chargebacks and refunds
  • Group 1031
    Configurable workflows for short payments
  • Group 1031
    Real-time posting & reconciliation
Your organization succeeds to:
Group 753
Scale down use of paper systems
Frame 1117
Support multiple payment methods
Group 1144
Simplify and expedite reconciliation
Group 1145
Eliminate errors
Group 1158
Track and manage payments in real-time
Group 1147
Scale up payments volume easily
Group 1148
Recover staff time
Group 1149
Lower processing & administrative costs
Group 1151
Increase Net New Revenue
The Impact of Integrated Payables
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