Insurance Disbursement

TransCard provides in a complete solution for insurance dirbusement in the insurance property and casualty industry. Our SaaS platform offers secure online disbursement tools that remove the funds from your books while giving your customers faster, more efficient methods for receiving their payments.

Help Your Customers Get Back To Normal

TransCard’s solution offers hassle-free insurance disbursements for you and your customers.

The time-consuming and cumbersome process associated with traditional payment methods often stands in the way of your customers resuming their lives after a life-changing event. We have developed a simple-to-use, secure platform for getting your customers the insurance disbursements they deserve as quickly as possible, helping you continue to be a valuable and trusted resource.

No More Time Consuming Payment Processes

The insurance property and casualty industry is a complex field with high needs among customers and providers.

Waiting days, weeks, or months to receive insurance proceeds after a life-changing event is frustrating for the customer and can lead to poor customer satisfaction and retention issues for your company.

TransCard’s SaaS solution for insurance disbursement offers online payments that reduce the time it takes customers to receive their funds, helping them get back to normal faster. It also helps you remove the proceeds from your books quicker, helping you to maintain accurate financial records.

  • Instant payments

  • Consumer cards

  • Virtual payment accounts

  • Same-day ACH

To improve the payment experience, customers choose their preferred payment method. If they want a paper check instead of an online payment, TransCard supports their needs.