Legal Disbursements

TransCard provides a SaaS platform the specializes in making legal disbursements more efficient while giving your clients more choices in how they receive their money. Our secure platform offers your clients instant and same-day options for funds retrieval while giving you the peace-of-mind of knowing your clients are satisfied and taken care of.

Client Satisfaction

We offer numerous legal disbursement methods for every customer's need, from same-day ACH to debit card solutions and checks. You can rest assured knowing your legal disbursements are waiting for customers to access them. There will be no issues with delays because the money will immediately be removed from your books and available to customers.


Reduce Accounting Errors

TransCard’s digital platform offers complete transparency and a historical record of your legal company’s disbursement accounting, reducing potential accounting errors and streamlining the disbursement process making sure nothing falls through the cracks. TransCard allows you and your client to maintain complete records of everything throughout the legal disbursements process.