Prepaid Card Program

TransCard is a SaaS funds disbursement platform provider with extensive experience delivering account-based card solutions.

Our Paynuver platform offers a variety of secure prepaid card program solutions that help financial institutions attract new customers and increase retail banking revenue.

Create New Revenue Streams

Forty to sixty percent of retail banking customers aren’t profitable. But, according to Allied Market Research, the prepaid card market is expected to reach $3.6 billion in 2022.

TransCard’s prepaid card program can help financial institutions increase retail profitability, gain market share and diversify revenue streams. Use TransCard as a base for your new program so you can run and manage the entire operation from a single system.

Attract Customers with Diverse Prepaid Card Options

Paynuver provides multiple card offerings that can be tailored to your financial institution. Choose just one prepaid card offer, or combine multiple options into a comprehensive program that attracts more customers.

Prepaid debit cards

Additional card solutions include payroll cards, which can be valuable for enterprise banking customers who need a cost-effective payroll disbursement method.

Fraud-Resistant Card Options

TransCard embraces the newest, most secure technology. Host your prepaid card program with us and you can choose to offer virtual card numbers that reduce your FI’s and customers’ risk of fraud.

With virtual card numbers, you’ll generate a new single-use number for every transaction customers make with their virtual card. Virtual card numbers link back to a stable credit card, but can’t be used more than once, greatly improving security.

Work with Major Debit Card Networks

Our prepaid card program uses the most well-known names in the industry. We have partnerships with all major debit card networks including:

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • Star

  • Pulse

  • NYCE

We also work with more than 225 issuing banks and can help your financial institution become the issuer for your program in as little as 30 days.