Multi Rail Technology Payment Platform

Driving Financial & Digital Banking Solutions

All Payment Flows Supported

Supercharge your payment flows with our end-to-end enablement, allowing your business to build solutions as simple as possible or as complex as needed.
  • Card issuance
  • Bank account generation
  • Payment processing
Integration & Automation

Payment Innovation to the Core

Over the years we have built multi-rail platform that caters to the needs of our customers while pushing technological boundaries to deliver better payment experiences to both businesses and consumers alike.
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  • Custom payment flows
  • Administrative workflows

Payment Modalities

  • Virtual Cards
  • Physical Cards
  • Mastercard Send
  • RTP
  • Zelle
  • ACH
  • Checks


  • ERP
  • API connectors


  • KYC
  • KYB
  • SSO integration

Transcard Open API Platform

Simplified and unified for your business - embedded payments technology through our open bank API.
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Tailored Solutions
to Your Industry

We leveraged our extensive payments expertise to help our customers by building solutions that cater to their industry-specific needs:
Payment & technology leaders

Why Working with
Transcard is Easy

Driven by a conviction to deliver operational and financial excellence for our partners, we’ve built our technology payments platform to be robust and easy for your team to use.
Integration is seamlessly done, with ERP connectivity to your existing system and API endpoints for your payment flows.
Our robust API architecture enables your team to easily build, innovate and launch financial products.
Next to the core banking services provided, you benefit from management and reporting tools, administrative workflowsas well as customer service & support.
With our integrated compliance and KYC solutions, your team is relieved of regulatory processes.
We are a regulated entity and certified to the highest compliance standards with our platform operating at 99%+ uptime.
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