Outbound Payments
Disburse funds the way payees want, without the administrative hassle
Outbound Payments
Disburse funds the way payees want, without the administrative hassle

Reduce Your Workload with a Compliant Platform

TransCard’s disbursement gateway absorbs escheatment responsibility and PCI compliance to lessen the time, money, and headaches your organization has to deal with to stay current. Our platform is examined by the FFIEC to ensure compliance as a third-party processor.

Displace Expensive Payment Methods

Access more payment options, including Same Day ACH and Instant Payments, to displace expensive checks. Then take things a step further by using TransCard to help you turn payment expenses into a revenue item with instant payment incentives.

Empower Payees with Consumer Choice

Paynuver is the only platform that lets payees personalize their payment experience through a secure, self-service portal. Payees can choose to receive funds through:

Online Payment Solutions:

Features that Make Payments More Efficient

The workflows you need to make fast, simple, and effective payments are already built into the Paynuver platform. Choose what you need and we’ll create a tailored solution for your organization.

Interactive Messaging

Keep up with payments through email, text, and push notifications.


Need to send a 1099 form or other documents with your payment? No problem. Attach them.

Digital Signatures

Whether you need a general endorsement or someone to sign off on legal acceptance of payments, digital signatures make it easy.

Dynamic ID Verification

Improve user experience with a multi-level identity verification system. Gather and verify customer information when needed and when available.


Use the Payment Selection Wizard to help payees get funds where and when they want them.


Account-Based Solutions

Increase your market share and create new revenue streams with a full suite of card solutions for retail customers. Whether you offer one type of card or many, every product is rolled into a single CardAct compliant program that simplifies management.


Transaction-Based Solutions

Paynuver embraces emerging technology so you can provide the newest, fastest payment methods to your customers.