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Lienholder Payments

An industry-first approach to multi-party lienholder payments

An Industry Initiative to Simplify and Digitize Multi-Party Lienholder Payments

Prominent insurers, banks, mortgage servicers, and fintechs are coming together for this initiative.
  • Integration with any ERP or system of record 
  • Open banking connectivity
  • 100% claimant transparency into payout status
  • Support for any payment type from a single platform
  • Automatic synchronization and reconciliation of payments
Why should

Insurers and Fintechs Participate?

  • Icon-Help-Resolve-Pain-Points-Customers
    Deliver a best-in-class claimant experience
  • Icon-Achieve-Frictionless-Payouts
    Achieve frictionless lienholder payouts
  • Icon-Reduce-Your-Checks
    Reduce your number of check payouts
  • Icon-Support-Any-Payment-Type
    Support any payment type from a single platform
  • Icon-Streamline-Branch
    Provide claimants 100% transparency into the process
  • Icon-Reduce-the-Possibility-Inaccurate-Claims
    Reduce the possibility of inaccurate claim payouts
Why should

Banks and Mortgage Servicers Participate?

  • Icon-Achieve-Immediate-Electronic-Connectivity
    Achieve immediate electronic by any connectivity to insurers
  • Icon-Help-Resolve-Pain-Points-Customers
    Help resolve a significant pain point for your customers
  • Icon-Retain-Transactions
    Retain transactions
  • Icon-Align-Your-Bank
    Align your bank to be a potential disburser of funds
  • Icon-Streamline-Branch
    Streamline branch back-office processes
  • Icon-Expand-Your-Bank
    Expand your bank’s solutions offerings
What would

Your Company’s Role Be?

  • Icon-Option-to-Participate-Sessions
    Option to participate in product design sessions
  • Icon-Pre-integration-Solution-APIs
    Pre-integration of the solution through your bank’s APIs for payment initiation
  • Icon-Fast-Setup
    Fast setup and no changes to your existing systems
  • Icon-Streamline-Branch
    Automate your processes for multi-party lienholder payments
  • Icon-Extent-the-Platform
    Extend the platform to further automate your systems and processes

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