With business payments changing rapidly, Transcard stands at the forefront of this digital payment revolution. With our proprietary payment platform, we’re leading the way with innovative technologies focused on facilitating payments for organizations that increase speed, boost efficiency and lower costs.

Our flexible open API platform builds robust payment systems for our customers.

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How Omni-Channel Payment Platforms Ease the Pain of Patient Refunds

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We’ve worked hard to build a flexible pay-in/pay-out platform. Companies can choose how they want to make payments and recipients can decide how they want to receive their funds. We’ve automated time-consuming administrative workflows and relieved companies of regulatory compliance burdens. You can access robust reporting and Transcard’s Open API allows for a quick, easy integrations.

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Your industry is our specialty

500 top companies from many industry sectors rely on our platform technology. We thrive in serving healthcare, property management, insurance, transportation and financial services organizations.

Our business was founded on partnerships and we stand ready with over 200 issuing banks and technology providers.




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Financial Services

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How Omni-Channel Payment Platforms Ease the Pain of Patient Refunds

If your healthcare organization is making more refunds to patients, you are not alone.

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Myths can be fun. Like the myth that giant alligators live in the sewers of New York City. 

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