An Embedded Payment Portal Like No Other

Insights, payment processing, and onboarding all in one place.

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A smarter way to make and receive payments

Make or request payments with a single click from within your ERP.

  • Any payment type
  • Any payment rail
  • From any originating bank account
  • For any B2B or B2C payment application

The intelligence you need

Real time payables and receivables insights and updates at your fingertips.

  • Graphical dashboard
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Mobile access
  • Analytics

Payments, optimized

Onboarding has never been easier, more transparent, or more secure.

  • Bank-grade user access controls
  • Self-configuring business enablement by ERP and bank
  • Intuitive KYB and KYC enrollment
  • Built-in supplier onboarding process

Why Smart HUB

One Portal for Insights, Payments & Onboarding

Rapidly connect with any ERP, legacy software and existing bank accounts to manage payments or easily invite business partners to get paid or pay invoices.

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    Seamlessly connect Smart Hub to your ERP and one or more bank accounts.
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    Streamline the collection and validation of payee information.
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    Onboard Suppliers

    Drive supplier adoption with integrated tools for onboarding suppliers to your electronic payment network.
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