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Card Products Specialized in Addressing Industry Needs

Managing a large volume of payments? Transcard streamlines the process for efficient payments to customers and employees. 
Reloadable Cards
Payroll and 1099 payments
Instantly deliver payroll and 1099 payments to reloadable physical or virtual cards, providing immediate access to funds.
Documents, like pay stubs, can be attached directly to the payment.
Employees can receive instant alerts for things like: balance, fees, transactions.
Payouts in insurance
Insurance companies can utilize reloadable physical or virtual cards for streamlined payouts to policyholders, ensuring a convenient and quick disbursement of funds in times of need. Especially useful for instantaneous in-person payments during disasters.
Healthcare rebates
In healthcare, reloadable cards are commonly used for issuing rebates and reimbursements. This simplifies the reimbursement process for patients and ensures they receive their refunds swiftly.
Non-Reloadable Cards
Gift and incentive cards
Use non-reloadable cards to reward customers with gift and incentive cards
Enhance customer loyalty and engagement with custom payment experiences.
Refunds and rebates
Various industries, including healthcare, property management, utilities, cell phone providers, auto dealerships, etc., offer non-reloadable cards for issuing refunds and rebates, creating an instantaneous, seamless and secure process.
Rewards in Retail
In the retail sector, non-reloadable cards are an efficient solution for issuing rewards to customers. Customers appreciate the convenience and security of receiving their rewards via these cards. Retailers enjoy the brand recognition of their brand on the cards.
Restricted access network (RAN) cards
Restricted Access Network cards, reloadable or non-reloadable that can only be used at specific merchants. Can be sold to consumers or a way to drive returned business.
Physical Cards
Everyday expenses
Physical cards are suitable for everyday expenses such as groceries, dining, and fuel
Allows direct spending from a bank account
Payroll for employers
Employers can issue physical payroll cards to employees for easy access to their earnings and in-person transactions.
Travel and transportation
Physical cards are a preferred payment method for travelers, commuters, and those on the go. They are widely accepted at hotels, rental car agencies, and public transportation services, making them an essential companion for your travel needs.
Virtual Cards
Online and remote transactions
Virtual cards are designed for secure online and remote transactions, offering flexibility and added security
Gift and incentive
Virtual cards are often used by businesses in industries such as airline, travel and leisure for gift and incentive programs, making it convenient for recipients to redeem rewards.
Payouts in gig economy
The gig economy often relies on virtual cards for making payments to freelancers, contractors, and gig workers. These cards streamline the payment process and ensure timely compensation.
Why Use Cards?
Instant payments
Flexible management
Control and visibility
Custom experiences
Get cashback
Transcard helped us quickly respond to this desperate need in a way that was open and non-judgmental. The cards could be in a recipient’s hands and activated quickly so they could have the dignity of going to the store and getting the groceries and prescriptions that they needed, without anything looking out of the ordinary. The pre-paid debit cards gave a lot of heart to the program.
Eric Pearson
EPCF President and CEO
Transcard and Mastercard Power El Paso Community Card Program
We are excited about working with Transcard to give families greater flexibility and accessibility in managing their education and continuing to enable states to offer modern and secure savings and payment solutions.
Richard Stierwalt
Executive Vice President, Catalis
Catalis Modernizes the College Savings Payment Experience with Transcard

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