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Seamless Buyer-Supplier Network Onboarding and Connectivity

Modernize your supplier network and financial operations while simplifying payment processes and reducing customer care-related costs.
Modern network
Progressive onboarding and ongoing network management
Go digital
Eliminate manual processes and data keying
Initiate payments
Make or receive payments via a variety of payment networks and rails
Embed and integrate
Simplify AP and AR processes and reconcile in real-time
All this with one platform solution
Integrated with your ERP and connected with your bank account(s)
SMART Exchange

Supercharge Your Network and Streamline Payments

Manage and pay suppliers with ease while delivering a superior user experience for you and your vendors.
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Payments flow directly from account to account
Remittance data is electronically exchanged
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An array of payment choices to choose from
Customize payment preferences and schedule payments
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Payments can be done instantly
Data is reconciled in real-time
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Integrated Experience
Embedded ERP integration for data sharing
Direct connections with existing bank accounts
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Vendors validated and kept up-to-date
On-going KYB on suppliers
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Accelerated and streamlined onboarding
With progressive onboarding options, it's easy to add and engage with your partners and start transacting seamlessly account-to-account.
  • Invitation embedded in payment workflow
  • Flexible enrollment options for a tailored user engagement
  • Variety of payment options delivering a better experience
  • Dedicated supplier portal for tracking and visibility