TransCard can offer an organization solutions that reduce the time, costs and hassle associated with payroll processing and set up, while offering an array of secure payment options to employees.


The Paynuver Payer Portal is a self-service interface that enables employers to manage their payroll solution by allowing them to issue, reissue and fund cards in real time creating the ability for 100% paperless payroll. Since Paynuver falls under the same regulatory guidelines as financial institutions, employers can rest assured that their payroll is being handled properly from a compliance perspective and can easily pull reports for auditors, if and when needed.


Paycards have the ability to create a positive revenue stream by eliminating the high costs of printing and cashing paper checks for both the employee and the employer. TransCard paycards are equipped with enhanced cardholder features that include no monthly fees, free 24/7/365 bi-lingual customer service, online bill payment options, free text and email alerts, on demand credit scores, and mobile app access.


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