Online Payment Solutions

TransCard is a SaaS funds disbursement software provider that helps businesses increase revenue and efficiency with online payments.

We offer a complete suite of online payment solutions through our funds disbursement platform, Paynuver. Our online payment methods include:

  • Instant Payments
  • Virtual Card Numbers
  • Virtual Wallet or Payment Accounts
  • Same-Day and Traditional ACH

Reduce Payment Costs

We help businesses improve their payment processes and cut costs. Our online payment solutions are up to eight times cheaper than paper checks. Choose a tailored solution that gives your business access to our online payment solutions, or opt for a full range of payment methods.


online payment methods

Increase Payment Efficiency

TransCard’s online payment solutions come with tools that improve efficiency, including automation, attachments, and notifications. Additional features are available through our Paynuver platform and can be tailored to your business needs.

Paynuver features

Self-Service Portal and Mobile App

Let your payees choose how they receive payments. Our platform provides a self-service portal that both your business and payees can access from any device to manage payments, personal data, and bank information.

Compliant Online Payment Platform

Our solutions will help you automate your own compliance efforts to reduce workload. We provide a payment platform that’s examined by the FFIEC as a third-party processor. TransCard’s online payment solutions are up to date for state-level compliance and major federal regulations.