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Do you have a large volume of payments that you need to get out to customers? We make it easy for you to deliver payments and for your customers to receive payments.

Rebate Administration
to Pharmacies or

Patients can receive financial rebates for pharmaceutical prescriptions, credited to the patient’s account at the time of check-out. The application delivers specific dollar value to the pharmacies or providers on behalf of the patients, lowering costs and streamlining the administration and delivery.

Administration to

Patients can be paid directly for certain rebates through direct deposit to their bank account or instant payments, like Mastercard Send, to their debit card. In both instances, funds are delivered in seconds. Patients have a better customer experience and unclaimed rebates and escheatment are eliminated.


Companies can move away from costly check disbursements and optimize payables through our accounts payable solution that supports multiple payment types, provides direct ERP integration and improves working capital.


Third party administrators can receive invoice payments, commissions and claims through our accounts receivable solution. Customers have a simple, easy-to-use online experience to review their bills and make timely payments.

Deposit Refunds

Tenants can quickly and securely receive their security deposits through a self-service portal after reviewing documents, submitting digital signatures and selecting their payment preference from either a direct deposit or Instant Payment, like Mastercard Send, streamlining the process for all.


Policy holders can quickly receive responsive service and payment on their claims after a loss occurs. From a single platform, insurance providers can incorporate important documents, approvals, payment processing and multiple settlement options.


Companies can eliminate overspending and internal misuse with spend management cards that provide an effective way to manage discretionary business expenses.

Special Purpose
Gift Cards

Large hotels and malls can distribute special purpose, on-property gift cards that can only be used at a limited number of designated locations, lowering costs and increasing sales.

Funding Cards

Rescue workers and policy holders can have access to essential services in the event of a catastrophic event, emergency rescue or weather damage through our emergency funding cards. Cards can easily be loaded and activated for people who need it.

Payroll &
1099 Payments

Contract and gig workers can be paid instantly through payroll and 1099 payments to reloadable debit cards, and funds are available for use immediately. Documents, like paystubs, can be attached directly to the payment.

Gift &
Incentive Cards

Workforces can become more engaged and employee retention increased through incentive programs and on-the-spot bonuses that use financial gift or incentive cards to reward achievement.

Debit Cards

Patients can receive co-pay debit cards to assist with some or all the co-payment amount for pharmaceutical prescriptions. The physical cards may be presented at check-out by patients or virtual cards may be held on file at the pharmacies. These cards have restricted acceptance at authorized pharmacies and ensure compliance to program rules.

Disruption Refunds

Passengers who have experienced travel delays can receive refunds and travel and meal vouchers immediately, even choosing how they would like to receive their payments.

Gift and
Travel Cards

Easily manage gift and travel cards programs for holidays and other special occasions, employee rewards programs and vacation travel.

Educational Tools
for Managing Family

Parents can educate their teens and kids about financial responsibility with Famzoo, an online card program that provides families with the tools and financial accounts. As an agent bank program, it is offered to bank customers through the retail branches.

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